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Enhance the way you hear with Sennheiser in-ear monitoring solutions on stage or during rehearsal.

The stage and rehearsal space can be a volatile place. Hearing yourself through floor monitors, side fills, or even the PA can be a struggle. As a performer, all this takes you away from a good rehearsal or a great show, from just hearing yourself and how you blend with the other musicians. Yet in-ear monitoring eliminates all these drawbacks, greatly improving the listening environment and providing significant performance benefits. Once you have experienced it, you will likely never go back.

Meet the IE PRO line

Enhance the way you hear with dynamic in-ear monitoring on stage or during rehearsal.

In-ear monitors have become a standard addition to every musician or sound engineer serious about their job, no matter whether you’re headlining the main stage or starting off your path. The essentially small monitors, got into your ear, blocking outside noise and give you the direct mix while on stage, at rehearsal or in the studio. Decisions on universal vs. custom fit, color or cable routing are typically based on individual preferences. More difficult is the choice of the audio technology. When it comes to your audio experience, don’t settle for any trade-offs. Once you try in-ear monitors with Sennheiser’s proprietary TrueResponse® technology, you’ll never want to use a different set of IEMs again.

IE 100 PRO
IE 400 PRO
IE 500 PRO
IE PRO BT Connector


  • パワフルで正確なモニタリングと充実したウォームサウンド
  • しっかりとした快適な装着感
  • ブラック、クリア、レッドの3色展開


  • 澄んだ高音域と透明感のある中音域で際立つ迫力感
  • 大音量の環境下でも歪みのないクリーンなサウンドを実現
  • 人間工学に基づいたコンパクトな筐体による高い装着性


  • 極端な音圧レベルでも細部に至るまでハイレゾリューションサウンドを実現
  • 最適化されたイヤーピースにより、優れた遮蔽性と高い装着感を実現
  • 構造由来のノイズに強いツイストペアケーブルを採用


  • パワフルなモニタリングサウンドをどこでも。IE Pro BTコネクタを使えば、IE PROインイヤーモニターがワイヤレスの日常的なパートナーになります
  • 最長10時間のバッテリー駆動で、1日中リスニング可能
  • 軽量で毎日の使用に適しています

Maximum dynamics with the lowest distortion factor

Watch the video to learn more.

TrueResponse®インイヤー・モニター - 最小の歪み要因で最大のダイナミクスを実現


もう一つの形式は、ダイナミックトランスデューサの原理に従ったものです。この技術はこれらの問題を解決し、その結果長いリハーサル、レコーディングセッション、ステージパフォーマンスの間、より快適なオーディオレベルをお届けします。TrueResponse®テクノロジーと呼ばれるこの「less is more(省略の美学)」アプローチは、1つの高性能ダイナミックトランスデューサを使用して、可聴周波数範囲全体をカバーします。




Professional IEM solutions for theaters, events, and shows

Full control over your performance – everywhere, every day.

EW G4 IEM - Hear anywhere on stage and make your gig an extraordinary experience – not just for your audience, but also for you. Engineered for pro live sound.

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2000 IEM

2000 IEM

Your Challenge. Your Choice.

Be it sports events, theatre productions or any other kind of live broadcasting - when capturing live sound is the challenge, most sound engineers and rental services around the world agree upon the same solution: The wireless Sennheiser 2000 Series. 

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