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OKQ8 スカンジナビア

OKQ8スカンジナビアは、デンマークとスウェーデンに5,000人の従業員と1,000以上のガソリンスタンドを持つ、スカンジナビア最大のオイルカンパニーす。 ゼンハイザーのHeadSetup™Pro Managerを使用することで、同社の1,500個のヘッドセットとスピーカーホンのそれぞれの状況が把握でき、迅速でシームレスなサポートを行うことができます。

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1クライアント辺り1〜200人のユーザーによる1トライアルに制限させていただきます。試用期間は延長できません。 ゼンハイザーは、受信したリクエストに基づき本トライアルに対する審査を行う権利を留保します。


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  • March 21st - Suspicious flagged file is now cleared by Windows support – false alarm

    • Computers around the world received the message, that the trojan “Skeeyah.l” had been detected in the file “ThorHostLib.dll”, distributed with Headsetup Pro from Sennheiser communication. Windows Defender flagged the file as "suspicious", therefore it was promptly quarantined as a precaution.

      The issue has now been investigated by Windows support, and they declared the file as “clean” and removed the warning again. This means it was a “false alarm” and is no longer detected as malicious software by Microsoft Defender.

      The quarantined file enables communication between certain Sennheiser DECT products and Headsetup Pro for software update and product configuration. The functionality of the products is not affected at all.

      However, as quarantined files will not automatically reappear in the system, Sennheiser Communications has decided to issue a forced update for all versions of HeadSetup Pro. This will take care of all erroneous security warnings and re-enable configuration of all headsets. Rollout is expected to be completed worldwide within a few days.

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this event.

      March 21st - Suspicious flagged file is now cleared by Windows support – false alarm
  • November 23rd - Following a vulnerability identified in Sennheiser HeadSetup and HeadSetup Pro, new versions have been made available.

    • Updating the software to its latest version will rid the software of vulnerable certificates. Additionally, the invalidation by Windows November 27th of the former certificates fully eliminate the possibility to exploit the certificates.
      The latest software versions are as follows:

      HeadSetup Pro: v.3.0.10127
      HeadSetup: v.8.1.6114 (for PC) and v7.0.8711 (for Mac).

      Mac users and Windows users, that are unable to receive automatic updates from Microsoft or choose not to update their HeadSetup and HeadSetup Pro software, can find removal instructions for Macs and PCs.

      All users may contact Sennheiser Communications for support: [email protected] or at +45 2943 1569 (9.00-18.00 CET)