Documentation App

Technical Documentation Redefined.


The Sennheiser Documentation App, as a digital product library on the go, gives all audio professionals, such as musicians, sound engineers and integrators, easy access to multimedia product information. The app provides interactive access to manuals, fact sheets, and technical documents from many of Sennheiser's portfolio of stage, studio, theater, and broadcast productions, as well as corporate and educational content. Required information is available in seconds via smartphone or tablet thanks to HTML5.


All product infos at a glance

All information about products from Sennheiser's Pro Audio area (Live Music, Studio Recording, Theater, Broadcasting, Audio for Video, Mobile Recording) - bundled in one tool

Easy to understand

Interactive access to manuals, fact sheets and technical documents, but also to multimedia product documentation with audio and video content, interactive graphics and 3D models

Responsive Design

Responsible design based on HTML5 for smartphone and tablet

Alltime Access

Constant availability of all documents on smartphone and tablet thanks to offline mode.


The technician at a university can use the Sennheiser Documentation App to download all the information about the SpeechLine Digital Wireless wireless microphone system to his working tablet. So the documents are always available for him, even if in certain areas of the campus no Internet access should be available.

The Sennheiser Documentation app offers special advantages for professionals such as sound engineers or integrators who work with several products from the Pro Audio portfolio. Technical documents for several product series are always available on smartphone or tablet.

A band that requires technical data for their ew G4 microphone system during the tour can view and download the documents at any time in the Sennheiser Documentation app.


SpeechLine Digital Wireless

教育現場や企業で使われることを念頭に開発された SpeechLine Digital Wireless シリーズは信頼性が高く、柔軟性に富んだソリューションを提供します。小さな部屋の設備からキャンパス全体を網羅するシステムまで大小様々なサイズに合わせられ、日々の職場環境や授業環境のあらゆる要求に最大限応えます。

Evolution wireless 300 G4

Evolution Wireless マイクロホンシリーズは世界的な業界基準となっています。ゼンハイザー Control Cockpit を使った遠隔からの操作とモニタリングが可能なEvolution Wirelessの第四世代は、汎用性が最も高く、柔軟性に富んだビジネス向けマクロホンシリーズです。

Evolution wireless 300 G3

大きいステージやマルチチャンネルを使う場面に適したプロ向けワイヤレスソリューション。 ボーカル、インストルメンタル、ワイヤレスモニタリング、ビデオ用音声のいずれにおいてもーゼンハイザーのEvolution Wireless G3 システムは音響的な難しい要求に完璧に応え、頼りになるワイヤレスソリューションを提供します。

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 で会議をより一層高いレベルへ。会議でも、コラボレーションでも、プレゼンテーションでも:人気を博している天井マイクロホン TeamConnect Ceiling の完全バーションなら遠隔からの参加を可能にし、これまでにない経験をもたらします。