SKM 9000
ワールドクラスのデジタルハンドヘルドマイクロホン。優れたダイナミクスを特長とし、evolution ワイヤレスシリーズおよび 2000 シリーズのマイクロホンヘッド、Neumann ヘッド(KK 204・KK 205)、Digital 9000 カプセルと互換性があります

Article No. 506115 : SKM 9000 BK A1-A4 JP 470-558 MHz
Article No. 506116 : SKM 9000 BK A5-A8 JP 550-638 MHz
Article No. 506117 : SKM 9000 BK B1-B4 JP 630-714 MHz
Article No. 506121 : SKM 9000 NI A1-A4 JP 470-558 MHz
Article No. 506122 : SKM 9000 NI A5-A8 JP 550-638 MHz
Article No. 506123 : SKM 9000 NI B1-B4 JP 630-714 MHz

Article No. 504729

SKM 9000の卓越したクリアサウンドを体験してください。SKM9000はブロードキャスト、シアター向けのあらゆる課題に答える世界クラスのデジタルハンドヘルド送信機です。
SKM 9000は、evolution wireless、2000シリーズのマイクロホンヘッド、ノイマン社のマイクヘッド(KK 204およびKK 205)と互換性があります。
3種類の新しいマイクヘッドであるME 9002、ME 9004、E 9005は、ハンドリングノイズとポップノイズを低減し、permanently polarizedタイプならではの透明感も持ち合わせています。
ダイナミックヘッドのMD 9235は、大音量のライブサウンドステージにうってつけで、 SKM 9000のデジタルオーディオ伝送により、驚くほど素晴らしいダイナミクスをもたらします。

  • さまざまな場所で利用が可能

  • 実用的な操作感と高いサウンドクオリティ

  • ハンドリングノイズやポップノイズを低減する9000シリーズのマイクヘッド

  • evolution wireless / 2000シリーズやノイマン社のヘッドセットとの互換性

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  • SKM 9000
  • x1 マイクロホンクランプ MZQ 9000
  • 1 補足資料 "Framework requirements and restrictions on frequency usage"
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Product Phone

  • What are the operating frequency ranges of the different wireless microphone systems?

  • What frequency can I use outside of the United States?

    There are no universal rules which govern the use of wireless microphone equipment globally. The rules and regulations regarding which frequencies are allowed for wireless microphones vary widely by country. All Sennheiser products that are sold in the US are congruent to the US rules and regulations as mandated by the FCC.

    We can provide information regarding rules and regulations for the US, however because rules and regulations vary from country to country, we cannot advise which frequencies to use outside of the US. Unfortunately there is no universal database that contains all this information. 

    For information about the rules and regulations for a specific country it is recommended that you directly contact the embassy of the country in question to find out the rules and regulations or contact the Sennheiser subsidiary or partner company in the country in question.  You can find contact details for these subsidiaries and partner companies here: (

  • Why is it illegal to use wireless microphones in the 700 MHz range in the USA?

    In June 2010 the FCC instituted regulations that made it illegal to operate wireless microphones within the 700 MHz frequency range in the United States.

    With the transition to digital television TV broadcasters vacated a large section of the UHF spectrum (from 698 to 806 MHz) so the FCC auctioned the 700 MHz band to the highest bidders (including AT&T and Qualcomm) to facilitate the development of wireless broadband Internet service throughout the United States. In addition, the FCC has reserved select frequencies in the 700 MHz band for emergency and national security purposes.

    NOTE: The FCC is the Government agency tasked to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. The FCC sets the guidelines and regulations for all broadcast equipment (including wireless microphones).


  • 操作マニュアル
  • EU適合宣言書
  • Technical Drawings
  • アプリケーションソフト
    • Sennheiser Transmitter Manager - Version 4.1 - Windows (3.6 MB) ダウンロード

    • Wireless Systems Manager - Version - Windows ダウンロード

      System requirements for Windows: Windows 10 32/64 bit -- 8 GB RAM

    • Wireless Systems Manager - Version - macOS ダウンロード

      System requirements for Mac: macOS Monterey 12 -- macOS Ventura 13 -- 8 GB RAM

  • ファームウェアのアップデート
    • Digital 9000 Firmware Package (SENNPKG) - Version 4.0.1 (29 MB) ダウンロード

      Firmware version 4.0.1 for Digital 9000

  • 安全に関する注意事項と規制に関する情報
    • Specifications, manufacturer declarations and regulatory information - Digital 9000 series (1.2 MB) ダウンロード

  • Release Notes
  • Frequency Sheets