HDR 170

Additonal headphone for RS 170
Article No. 504251


Take the HDR 170 as an additonal headphone for the RS 170.

The RS 170 utilises Kleer uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission and can serve up to four pairs of headphones.

A weighty, full-bodied and detailed sound reproduction is what the HDR 170 offers. Sporting a couple of switchable listening modes - Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound, it will let you enjoy pure thundering bass, a virtual surround soundscape, or both audio treatments for your music or movies!

The headphones' leatherette earpads and headband cushions provide for outstanding comfort while their closed,circumaural design prevents sound leakage.


  • Closed, circum-aural digital wireless headphones with Kleer's uncompressed audio transmission

  • Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets for clear and detailed audio reproduction

  • Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound listening modes

  • Ergonomic and adjustable headband for an excellent and secure fit

  • Leatherette earpads and headband cushions for outstanding comfort

  • 2 year warranty


  • Headphone (receiver) HDR 170



  • インピーダンス
    32 Ω
  • 周波数特性(ヘッドホン)
    18 Hz - 21000 Hz
  • 音圧レベル(SPL)
    at 1kHz: 110 dB
  • 全高調波歪み(THD)
    <0.5 % at 1 kHz, 100 dB
  • イヤーカップリング
  • 重量
    approx. 228 g (without accu)
  • 充電時間
    approx. 16 hours
  • 動作時間
    approx. 24 hours
  • 電源
    2 NiMH-accu type AAA, 1,2 V, 600 mAh
  • トランスデューサー原理(ヘッドホン)
    closed, dynamic

System requirements

  • レンジ
    approx. 80 meters outside
  • 変調方式
    MSK Digital
  • 搬送周波数
    2.4 - 2.48 Ghz